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Whisky Stone Gift Set

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RM 128.00
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RM 128.00

As temperatures rise, how nice is it to be able to sip a cold drink?

You may often see some of these scenes in life and television, when drinking some foreign wine will like to add ice, this will make the wine taste better, but the ice will melt will greatly reduce the taste of wine slowly, so ice cream cream will appear in front of the fight.

As the name suggests, whisky stone is a better substitute for ice than ice. Its shape is the appearance of a stone, looks like ordinary stone, but it does have a unique role. When you want to use it, just soak it in water for a while, then put it in the refrigerator after a period of freezing. When you want to drink cold refreshing wine or beverage, take it out into the glass and you can feel different refreshing.

Whisky stone is made of natural and pollution-free safe ingredients, which will not react with drinks and can be used safely. It's also reusable, simple and affordable, helping you enjoy the cool, pure wine anytime, anywhere.





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